Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Mein name ist Matilda

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

“Hey Nic,” screamed Maddy, “Do you want to go to the beach with me and Eric?”
“Yes, Please!!” Answered Nic.
“Don’t you think we should tell mum and dad first?” Asked Eric.
“Nah, the tides out and there isn’t any wind,”
“Can I have a piggyback?” Nic whispered to Eric.
“Sure,” “If you don’t wriggle,”
Nic, Eric and Maddy ran all the way to the little beach less than five hundred metres from their property. Eric in front even though he had Nic on his back. They looked out over the sea, the supposedly non-existant wind whipped their faces.
As they walked towards the water they felt a strange stinging, Nic started to complain but they just thought it was the sand on their bare skin. The wind got louder and louder and the stinging got worse and worse until they were all on the ground with their hands on their ears.
Everything started to spin. All three of them blacked out.
The land moved around them as they slowly came to their senses. They had been transported to a land of orange with patches of every colour imaginable including meck.When everything settled they discovered that the patches of colour were actually entirely different environments. Rainforests, Cities, Rural farms, Snowy mountains. It would have been wonderous except there was not a soul to be seen.
They got up and wandered around in a stunned silence marvelling at the very thought of such a place. It wasn’t only the environments that were so amazingly strange, the sky was pink and the leaves on trees blue.
“Get out of there!”
They looked around for the sauce for the source of the voice.
“I said get out of there!”
They had located the Island where the voice came from but not the mouth.
“The longer you stay out there the sicker you’ll get!”
They ran to the mountainous island that it came from, calling out to find out who had spoken. As soon as they stepped onto the island the landscape seemed to develop around them, huge snow-capped mountains, beautiful lush blue valleys, clear cold rivers. In the centre of this excellent place was a circle of six rectangular windows.
Eric and Maddy where standing in the middle of the circle wondering where they were when they realized that Nic was not with them but sitting on the orange ground on the other side of the window. And there was no door!
They screamed out the window for Nic to hurry up.
“But I don’t feel well,” complained Nic.
“Crawl then!” Responded Maddy, exasperated.
Nic crawled slowly towards them, every step laboured. When he finally got there he was red and puffing.
“Why don’t you feel well?” Eric Asked.
“Everything hurts,” replied Nic.
“We obviously aren’t going to get home tonight and it’s getting dark, you rest Nic, while Eric and I find a place to eat and something to eat,” said Maddy.
“Okay, but when are we going home?”
“Hopefully very soon,” whispered Eric “But now we have to go and find a place to sleep.”
Eric and Maddy were contemplating how to cross a stream when Eric noticed a row of red doors in the side of a nearby mountain.
“Hey look up there!” Exclaimed Eric.
“What?!” Yelled Maddy.
“Up there, those doors,”
“Oh,” muttered Maddy.
“Let’s go up and have a look,”
“Okay,” said Maddy her tone brightening (She loved an adventure).
They sprinted along the stream until they reached the foot of the mountain where they searched for an easy way up to the strange platform under the doors. When they were about halfway around the mountain they noticed a peculiar formation of rocks. Maddy kicked it as hard as she could and the rocks started to come down revealing a tunnel.
“Come on,” she said to Eric.
They walked in to what looked from the outside a gloomy dirty cave, but was actually a bright polished-wood corridor. There was nothing in it but one single bright crimson door at the very end.
When Maddy and Eric finally kicked it open (It was either very stuck or the lock was very bad) nothing happened………………………………
For exactly eight minutes. In precisely eight minutes what looked like an entire city lit up, big mounds with windows in them, holes in the ground filled with water, stalls made out of trees, chimneys coming out of the ground, the possibilities were endless. But it was empty!
“Let’s explore!” yelled Maddy in a warlike cry, forgetting Nic was all alone.
They ran down the hill as fast as they could all the way to a mound-building where they stopped abruptly, realising they were in danger of smacking right into the hard-packed dirt. That’s when they smelt the fabulous smell of fresh-baked bread.
Maddy and Eric absent-mindedly walked towards the smell, their hunger really making itself known. They had expected a plump baker wearing a dirty white apron, what they got was far from expected. The “bakery” was a big metal machine with a chute at one end and at the other tubes that went into the biggest mound building of all. There were screens on the side to choose what sort of bread you wanted.
“Come on, I’m hungry,” pushed Maddy.
“What if it’s weird alien food?” Said Eric suspiciously.
“If aliens can eat it we can eat it, and anyway this might be just one really mean trick,”
Eric and Maddy looked at the screen and tried to figure out what to press as it was all in another language, completely incomprehensible, so they just pressed some random buttons. What came out at the end could barely be recognized as bread. It was pale blue and looked like it had been made especially for sandwiches even though it wasn’t sliced .
They looked around and noticed that there were lots of strange machines like this all coming out of the mound. They got what they needed for sandwiches and left to find Nic.
“Niiiiiiic!!” Screamed Maddy as they stumbled through the blue trees looking for him. It had gotten incredibly dark and the whole place had been transformed.
“His over there, I can see his hair,” said Eric his voice strangely withdrawn.
Maddy rushed over feeling a strange dread she had never felt before.
Just a she had got to him his eyes had fluttered closed and his breathing had stopped. Both Maddy and Eric fell to the ground sobbing and sobbing until they asleep.
They woke up to a lot of white and movement. Maddy tried to sit up but fell down again. After feeling intense pain all over.
“Your awake!!”
“We thought we’d lost you to that awful disease. If we’d found you ten minutes later you’d be gone like poor Nicholas (Sob, Sob). But we found you and brought you here. It was incredible that the doctors had just discovered the disease and had already found a cure.”
“I don’t know how you can get that sick from a beach?”
Greg the Alien walked away from the ashes of a boy called Nic, the Zing of immediate transportation still in the air.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This is the new Doctor who companion, for after the Ponds(I'll miss them)
According to the fans her name is either Oswin or Clara

Monday, 16 July 2012

Harry potter Translation

Did you know: That the Hogwarts Motto (which is in Latin under the crest) translates to Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Papaphobia-fear of the pope Dextrophobia- fear of things on the right side of the body